Sieglinde Weinberger

Sieglinde Karoline Weinberger, Born June 15th in Upper Austria.


My whole life I have loved to dance, admiring every aspect of the Art of Dance.

I tried different dance styles and ended up Ballroom Dancing and training for Ballroom Competitions. For me Dancing gives us the possibility to express our soulfulness and beauty in total freedom.


At the same time I was working on healing, evolving as a person, and the release of physical, mental and emotional burdens. I always struggled with the hurt and pain humans have to go through and always intended to comfort those who needed it the most.

Since over 20 years now I am consciously on my way to salvation and ascension.


Since I have always loved children and felt the need to be there for them, I chose to become a Montessori teacher and had the privilege of accompanying many amazing children.


During my stays abroad I trained in several different kinds of energy work and immediately started to work as an Energy Healer and Coach.


As a light being in this human body I went through deep transformations and therefore I  retreated for several years. Having moved through tough times, as all lightworkers have, things changed recently and I felt my life purpose very clearly and vividly. I combined my two biggest joys and created 'Dancing Hearts' with the intention of assisting people in opening their hearts, freeing themselves and ascending into the 5th dimention while dancing and cheering and laughing and crying and transforming into their true blissful SELF, the highest version of themselves.


I LOVE TO DANCE and share THIS JOY a littel bit here on my Youtube Channel: