In couples sessions the focus is on experiencing the rhythm together as one. 


There are certain exercises to FEEL each other when moving, to LISTEN to each other's bodies when dancing and to lead and receive the leading person's movement and react to it accordingly.


Since most couples bring their unresolved issues to the dance floor, moving as one seems almost impossible or entails a lot of effort. In these sessions you allow your wounded hearts to heal easily and naturally while you concentrate on moving your bodies to music and connecting with the dance rhythm.


Opening our hearts to each other, feeling your partner and not fighting him/her is what helps us experience dancing not as a certain sequence of steps but as a joyful expression of music.


So opening up to each other and allowing issues to resolve while moving is mainly what happens in a couple's session. This makes it easy and almost effortless to improve posture, flow in movement, and many other details.



Prerequisite: None

Duration: 50 minutes

Cost: 50,- EUR for a couple

Wardrobe: comfortable clothes and shoes

Location: Tanzschule Chris, Wehlistrasse 150, 1020 Wien


For contact call 0699/19 263 231 or go to Contact page.


Move with the Flow, Dance as ONE