Multidimensional Energy Coaching

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In your heart's centre all the answers to every question you ever had are stored and waiting to surface. Our divine soul purpose is waiting to be discovered and lived. So in order for it to surface we need to free ourselves from all karmic issues and false identities. Our heart needs to heal and be freed so that we can truly know/experience who we are and live accordingly.


Our mind needs to surrender to our heart's truth and it takes boldness and strength to let go of all illusions and restrictions we've held on to for a long long time.


All over planet earth this shift from mind to heart is happening right now. We can see that old values and power structures are transforming, causing lots of chaos and disruption. These are signs that the old 3D dimension is starting to break down and transform into 5D reality, where our hearts have taken over and respect, compassion and love rule the world.


As individuals we might experience intensified feelings of anxiety, hollowness, loneliness, existential fears or even diseases and so on.


By alowing high frequency healing energies through my being I assist you in gaining higher awareness of what is happening in your life and how to move on, let go and heal yourself at any given time if you choose to do so.


Higher awareness

Intuitive channelling

Rebalancing energy flow

Healing Touch

Clearing your Chakras

Reconnective Healing

Assistence to helping yourself






Multidimensional One on One Coaching:

Length: 30 up to 60 minutes

Appointments possible on Monday/Tuesday between 9:00-13:00 a.m. or Friday  6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

WHERE: Energetiker Akademie in 1020 Wien, Haussteinstraße 4, 5.Stock

Cost: 60,- up to 120,- EUR




It is also possible to book an energetic session with Ear Candles created by the Hopi tribe to let go and deeply relax while listening to the Sound of the candles. 

Duration: 30 - 40 minutes including a meridian massage to energise and heal.

Cost: 45 EUR


To make an appointment please call 0699/19 263 231 or use contact page.