Rhythm and Movement for Children 5-12 years


Since I am a trained Montessori teacher it has always been a pleasure for me to work and spend time with children.


Helping children to allow themselves to express and recognise who they truly are at their core has been my focus for many years now.


Since our children also carry heavy and disturbing energies, there is potentially work to do to release and free them from these burdens


In our Happy Feet Children Groups we focus on freeing their unconscious fears and restrictions while dancing and having fun together.


Most children show their unconscious burdens through different symptoms like wetting their bed, being hyperactive, being shy and very quiet, allergies, and so on.


By dancing and laughing and moving together the focus is very much to allow these unresolved issues to surface and disappear.


We will work on our physical health with stretching exersises, by improving body posture, rhythmic games, working on little choreos and so on.


Duration: 45 minutes

Cost: 15,- EUR or 130,- for 10 classes

Wardrobe: comfortable clothes and socks. Bring a bottle of water to each session.

Location: Tanzschule Chris, Wehlistrasse 150, 1020 Wien


For contact call 0699/19 263 231 or go to Contact page